An alien is here!

A friendly creature visits you from another planet. You do not know each other’s language, but you are eager to show him around the planet Earth.

Think about what you would show the alien about life on Earth.

Things of nature?

Human-made things?

Make a list of ten things you would like to show to the alien:


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jary from United States
School: rce
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1 chicken
2 parks
3 school
4 family
5 dog/cat
6 car
7 friends
8 kids
9 trees
10 bullies
About Me:     I love food and I love my friends and family

bob from United States
School: clets
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1 I would show the alien my school
2 mom
3 dad
4 sfsaf
5 dsgsdg
6 sdgsdg
7 sdgdsg
8 gbsdgts
9 gfdsfs
10 sdfsaf

Isabella from United States
School: Altair
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1 animals
2 clothes
3 foods that we eat
4 water
5 music
6 school
7 clocks
8 blankets
9 toys
10 cars

Gregory from United States
School: daphne elementary school
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1 schools
2 my house
3 candy
4 cake
5 trees
6 mountains
7 pictures
8 animals
9 cd's
10 Selena Gomez
About Me:     i know what I'm going to do if aliens are real and i would show him and lets him taste al of the treats and i do wis they were real.

maddie from United States
School: daphne east
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1 books
2 nat
3 wrrde
4 qereys
5 lol
6 Zas
7 zSwa
8 ≈odesfi
9 ZMCdmsemri
10 vmrtm3rm3rtm
About Me:     im hot

jack from United States
School: nhce
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1 I want to show you my house.
2 Then I want to show you my shcool.
3 And my cat.
4 And my dogs.
5 And my dad.
6 And my mom.
7 And my nana.
8 And my papaw.
9 And my sister
10 And my cousin.

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