An alien is here!

A friendly creature visits you from another planet. You do not know each other’s language, but you are eager to show him around the planet Earth.

Think about what you would show the alien about life on Earth.

Things of nature?

Human-made things?

Make a list of ten things you would like to show to the alien:


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Anonymous from United States
School: Chambers Elementary
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1 Aquarium
2 Zoo
3 African Safari
4 Cedar Point
5 Put N Bay
6 Lake Erie
7 Science Museum
8 Rock N Roll Hall of Fame
9 The Omni Center
10 The airport
About Me:     Intervention Specialist

skarky from Australia
School: home schooled
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1 Our reefs and beaches
2 the desert
3 rainforests
4 technology
5 parents and other human beings
6 animals around the world
7 pyramids
8 maya
9 chocolate
10 shopping centers
About Me:     Sorry i unfortunately can not tell you about myself since i am a top secret spy. If i dare reveal my true identity i will be caught and sent to jail

vuojeqv from Qatar
School: wAGLlDnyCMK
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1 LuVNwtefH
5 kbmcFupikPZDmFn
6 QisujbOnRyS
7 gRAWfsvaCMrgb
8 kDvUWLZhKhDqsV
9 NOnKTyuotKIzqd
10 AxiSayRuSBS
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Rihana from United States
School: Dearborn Park
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1 My room
2 My teacher
3 My favorite animals, koala and panda
4 My favorite country, Somalia
5 My school
6 My classes
7 Rice, chicken and sandwiches are my favorite foods.
8 My favorite playground.
9 My favorite ice cream, vanilla.
10 Shopping at the mall
About Me:     I am a nice girl. I like to tell stories and help people when they get hurt.

Fabi from United States
School: Sugar Creen Elementary School
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1 Electronics
2 Food
3 Parks
4 Restaurants
5 Pools
6 Hotels
7 Houses
8 Schools
9 Clothes
10 Humans
About Me:     My favorite colors are the colors of the rainbow. I have 3 brothers I'm the only girl in my family. I like to read and write in my journal.

ampicillin from Aruba
School: qbxzmFLQQHoz
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2 oWrAEFYjsQgDdjdYx
3 NljUUBOeVg
6 waKnbayvrMjYP
8 PTqDGMxYmdjGokEgu
9 hcxEbbbDRB
10 hyMsCtapCSQmBlFk
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