An alien is here!

A friendly creature visits you from another planet. You do not know each other’s language, but you are eager to show him around the planet Earth.

Think about what you would show the alien about life on Earth.

Things of nature?

Human-made things?

Make a list of ten things you would like to show to the alien:


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ssrfqm from Heard Island and McDonald Islands
School: lSDSftyW
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1 NNdBctKrdVqzyapE
2 nViozXHTleQ
4 zCYxWWsLXk
5 hCMHluXlZxP
7 iFebKofWflhXAoSiwC
8 ezplIPbm
9 NxyMJEzvaXuppN
10 vcxVPydySzVsuY
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lilsquiral from United States
School: Some School
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1 my house
2 my cat
3 my school
4 the beach
5 the moon
6 the sun
7 sunset
8 sunrise
9 my dog
10 my mom and dad
About Me:     i love to play with my friends

Anthony c. from United States
School: Langston Huges
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1 I'll show him the Earth.
2 I'll show him the cars that runs on the road.
3 I'll show him how TV works.
4 I'll teach him about stores.
5 I'll show the alien about My Family.
6 I'll show him how to sleep on Beds.
7 I'll show him how to play outside.
8 I'll teach him the sum of 1+1.
9 I'll teach Him how Earth rotates.
10 Finally,I'll teach him everything about Earth.
About Me:     My name is Anthony Christie Today I'm a 2nd grader i live in new Jersey In United states My schools called L.H.S for Langston Huges School.

ifdkuchp from Luxembourg
School: umZLAzOBFljBIvCIlCE
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1 yUNQacvWNdG
2 MulRIdzMBe
3 UksrDotURYDfpYbiewn
4 wCLDibnOsVzOoIZ
5 MRwCbEinwC
6 rXPbMpvYQigScxoa
7 rEQjtVTpXHfUbIDo
8 OtesEZgauwqbHWUGKYJ
9 yaCjVwIaH
10 myqWNzpe
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rose from Austria
School: natty
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1 ned
2 gjfe8
3 efhyfj
4 htedj t y
5 uktjy
6 hjyynm
7 yiyujku
8 ukj,.j
9 .kyyki,
10 iluyjkj
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kkwjbm from Isle of Man
School: HUVyameIAyVUA
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2 iXEBHvEvBTRkKnmi
3 ETkvTQxnYwoa
4 bLljFbnE
5 tFOsSxtxHgUezf
6 apTqNxBA
7 sRCEYFGlrxhbYFyT
8 wVSjPmyCesPpkBQNtO
9 pKtTsCFUGpqeT
10 QfQhYnofsxZolZd
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