An alien is here!

A friendly creature visits you from another planet. You do not know each other’s language, but you are eager to show him around the planet Earth.

Think about what you would show the alien about life on Earth.

Things of nature?

Human-made things?

Make a list of ten things you would like to show to the alien:


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Mrs Clark from United States
School: St Mary magdalen
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1 Baseball
2 Church
3 Hot dogs
4 Kittens
5 Dictionary
6 Thunderstorm
7 The ocean
8 French fries
9 An airplane
10 A mountain

shanken from United States
School: casa de oro
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1 How to play games
2 How to sing a song
3 How to teach students
4 how to dance the electric slide
5 How to used sellphone
6 How to wrestle
7 how to plant a garden
8 How to play football
9 how to cook
10 teach a alien to do my chores
About Me:     I'm good at baseaball.

JC from Finland
School: FD
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1 school
2 shops
3 room
4 house
5 city
6 canteen

kendu skeen from United States
School: ps 91
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1 my house
2 my friends
3 cars
4 schools
5 books
6 my phone
7 my friends
8 my school
9 my dad
10 musles
About Me:     i am kendu skeen. i am strong. i am cool.also smart.

kendu from United States
School: ps 91
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1 food
2 book
3 water
4 how to read
5 kill him
About Me:     i like girls. i am cool. smart

Riri from United States
School: charles f tigard elementary
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1 rocks
2 socks
3 justin bieber
4 waterfalls
5 universal studios
6 Youtube
7 computer
8 Grand cANYON
9 Las Vegas
10 disneyland
About Me:     I'm a girl who is obsessed with the computer.

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