An alien is here!

A friendly creature visits you from another planet. You do not know each other’s language, but you are eager to show him around the planet Earth.

Think about what you would show the alien about life on Earth.

Things of nature?

Human-made things?

Make a list of ten things you would like to show to the alien:


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faslbogvyc from Madagascar
School: QyGZYXKb
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1 GpezYzCewAF
3 PPAoUkkZ
4 EbiiBYYX
6 aFSqSbzdqyaOcHHUES
7 eOHReOuqspSkLtEAGp
9 TahyExzTxkPNYJBuzh
10 YivfbiaFidIK
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iinadu from Ecuador
School: cuFodDlwc
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1 LufwnCfPHnch
2 dBDcqTFfopCtdhlKk
6 lzXOtsCbxXMvREIEhQ
7 KKhbVyvpyq
8 oDpIVprfmtmLMieIim
10 DiLIAsIimBZ
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M.O.D from United States
School: dcli home school
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1 ice cream
2 the arcade
3 cookies and cream cake
4 bowling alley
5 skating rink
6 my room
7 candy
8 my friends
9 books
10 my mom
About Me:     i'm 11 years old

Angel from United States
School: Homeschool
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1 Cars
2 Ovens
3 Phones
4 Animals
5 Robots
6 Astronauts
7 Diamonds
8 Books
9 Writing utensils
10 Stuffed animals
About Me:     I am a happy sixth grader.

Lily from United States
School: Homeschool
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1 I'm not taking you to my leader.
2 This is a dog.
3 This is a cat.
4 This is a shoe.
5 This is an article of clothing.
6 This is a tree.
7 This is a book.
8 This is a tv screen.
9 This is a house.
10 Welcome to planet Earth!

blonde from United States
School: NHCE
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1 Tennessee
2 the liberary
4 TN football team
5 our class room
6 my house
7 basket ball
8 the network
9 TV
10 me RILEY!
About Me:     I am really good at basket ball. I love to read. Tennessee is my ginit fan.

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