The Beginning Readers Course

Phonics-based reading: see, hear, play with words
  Unit 1 Short vowels: a, i, o
Sight words: a, am, are, for, I, is, of, on, the, to, was
  Unit 2 Short vowels: e, u
Digraph: th
Sight words: put, said, there
  Unit 3 Long vowels: a, i
Digraphs: sh, ll, ck
Sight words: he, my, me, go, you, give, wash, from, be, we, all
  Unit 4 Long vowels: o, u, e
Digraphs: ch, th, sk, sl, gl
Sight words: friend, no, some, with, one, fall, does, her, so
  Unit 5 Digraphs: ie, oe, ee, all, tch, gr, cr
Sight words: again, both, by, color, do, inside, or, over, pulled, through, turn, until, went, when, yell
  Unit 6 Digraphs: oa, ai, ea, pl, fr, tr,sp, th, ng, wh
Sight words: as, children, day, enough, full, have, here, live, our, out, they
  Unit 7 Digraphs: oo, ow, ou, nk, ie, ss, tt, ff, lt
Sight words: eight, lives, tried, two, were
  Unit 8 Digraphs: ar, or, sc, st
Sight words: his, yours, your
  Unit 9 Digraphs: ow, er, aw, nd, pr, dd
Sight words: color, door, yet, yard
  Unit 10 Consonants: y as in my
Digraphs: ay, lp, br
Sight words: where, why
  Unit 11 Consonants: y as in yellow, y as in baby, j as in jump
Digraphs: wa, ur, alk, wh
Sight words: girls, says, their, today
  Unit 12 Consonants: c as in city
Digraphs: oy, al, ir, sm, sw, mp
Sight words: bald

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