Telling Time Overview

Telling Time

Telling the time is an essential skill for any child to master, as well as being an excellent introduction to numbers and figures.

With Telling Time Course, students will develop skills to tell the time and set the clock.



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Main Screen

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Interactive Game

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Printable Worksheet

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Online Test

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The Telling Time Course is a fully integrated and interactive learning environment. The features of the course include:

  • Self-contained UNITS focusing on specific content and learning objectives
  • Self-paced LEARNING SESSIONS within each unit to deliver the learning material to suit the learning needs of different students
  • Aural and visual enhanced learning via the use of multi-media based INTERACTIVE GAMES
  • Thorough review and practice exercises through re-usable and printable WORKSHEETS
  • Tracking of progress and learning outcome via REPORTS and TEST results



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