practice rounding

Before starting our practice, let us revise our lesson first, i.e.,

Rounding means to replace the actual number, which tells us how much or how many. Estimate means to find a number that is close to the exact number.

Also, rounding up means going upwards (counting forward) to round a number, and rounding down means going downwards (counting backward) to round a number.

Before starting

Make sure that you have gone through the lessons 1,2 and 3 and comprehended them clearly. This drill is designed to make your concept of rounding, stronger. Use the staircase technique in solving the questions. By the time you finish this drill, you will be working it out in your mind, before putting it on paper. An answer key to make sure that you understood the concept well follows the worksheet as well.

Let's move on to our worksheet page.
Good Luck!
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