Place Values: Thousands and Hundred Thousands Overview

Place Values: Thousands and Hundred Thousands expands the concept of place values to large numbers.

With Place Values: Thousands and Hundred Thousands, students will:

  • learn how to read and write numbers through the hundred thousands
  • learn that each digit in a number has a place value
  • learn that place values can help them understand how large the number is.



Screen shot

Interactive Lesson

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Practice Exercise

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Printable Worksheet

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Interactive lesson is followed by interactive practice exercises and printable worksheets.

Place Values: Thousands and Hundred Thousands is a fully integrated and interactive learning environment. The features of the course include:

  • Aural and visual enhanced learning via the use of multi-media based INTERACTIVE LESSONS designed for independent self-paced learning.
  • INTERACTIVE PRACTICE EXERCISES designed for a self-paced review and evaluation
  • Thorough review and practice exercises through re-usable and printable WORKSHEETS



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