Money Math Overview

Every penny counts in this exciting and enjoyable Mathematics course designed to introduce the basic monetary system to our young audience. 

Students will be able to gain the skills required to:

  • Count with various combination of coins
  • Add together various combination of coins
  • Work out how to make up certain sums of money using different coins



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Main Screen

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Interactive Game

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Printable Worksheet

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Online Test

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The Money Math Course is a fully integrated and interactive learning environment.  Comprehensive and progressive in nature, the course supports the NCLB mandate in the provision and evaluation of its contents.  The features of the course include:

  • Self-contained UNITS focusing on specific content and learning objectives
  • Self-paced LEARNING SESSIONS within each unit to deliver the learning material to suit the learning needs of different students
  • Aural and visual enhanced learning via the use of multi-media based INTERACTIVE GAMES
  • Thorough review and practice exercises through re-usable and printable WORKSHEETS
  • Tracking of progress and learning outcome via TEST results.
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