Early Reading - Short & Long Vowels Detailed Description

The Early Reading – Short and Long Vowels Course consists of three integrated interactive units designed to introduce basic word patterns that incorporate short and long vowel sounds.  Each unit targets a specific type of vowel sound, and helps student learn through practical exercises and repeated reviews . 

Unit Overview




Short Vowel Words
Words containing a short vowel sound: _a_, _e_, _i_, _o_, _u_


Long Vowel Words
Words containig a long vowel sound: a, e, i, o, u


Words with Double-E
Words containig double-ee sound.



Each Unit is conveniently subdivided into15-minute Learning Session (LS), with learning session used to introduce, reinforce and review the contents of the unit.  Every Learning Session contains an interactive game amd printable worksheets.

Lesson Session Overview



Interactive Game



Short Vowel Words
Recognize and pronounce words that contain short vowel sounds.

Dunk A Fish - short vowel words:
Listen to the word, and try to dunk the fish by guessing the letters that make up the word. .

Fill in the missing short vowel:
Write the missing short vowel on the blank line by looking at the picture on the right.


Long Vowel Words
Recognize and pronounce words that contain long vowel sounds.

Balloon Catch - long vowel words:
Listen to the word, and then catch all the balloons that are used to spell the word. 

Fill in the missing long vowel (W1 & W2):
Write the missing long vowel on the blank line by looking at the picture on the right.


Words with Double-E
Recognize and pronounce words that contain the double-E vowel sounds.

Tarot Reader - double-e words:
Help uncover the mystery word of the tarot reader by making using the letter tarot cards.  First listen to the word and then place the tarot cards on the appropriate space. 

Match the word to the picture (W1 & W2):
Circle the word containing the double-E vowel that best corresponds to the picture on the right.









At the completion of the course, the student should demonstrate the ability and confidence to recognize and read words that contain a variety of short, long and double-E vowel sounds.  Understanding the shape and form of words is the first step to being able to pronounce and spell more complicated words.  This unit builds another step towards improving their general proficiency in reading and writing.

The following recommendations provide guidelines for students wishing to gain the most benefit from their study using the program:

  • Continuity is important.  The course is designed to be self-pacing, so you may be working on one lesson session for several days or complete two lesson sessions in one day. Regardless of the progress, it is critical is to work continuously and regularly in order to develop good learning habits that will stay with them throughout their education.
  • Be flexible. It is recommended that a student should work on the course for 15-30 minutes a day.  However, there is a lot of flexibility in how you can use that time. You can choose to just do the interactive game during one session, and tackle the worksheets the next day, or combine both activities in each session until the designated lesson session is completed.
  • Do not skip worksheets! All lesson sessions consists of an interactive program and a printable worksheet. It is very important to complement the interactive programs with the worksheets. They have been designed as a valuable learning reinforcement to further help students improve their reading and writing skills.



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