Early Reading - Short & Long Vowels Overview

The short and long vowels are the basic building blocks to reading and recognizing words.  The Early Reading – Short and Long Vowels Course has been designed to introduce the concept of linking word structure and sound through a variety of interactive programs and exercises.

There is a strong emphasis on the sound and pronunciation, and it is designed to be an extension to the Know Your ABCs – Alphabet Lessons and Games Course.



Screen shot

Main Screen

Interactive Game


The Early Reading – Short and Long Vowels Course is a fully integrated and interactive learning environment. The features of the course include:

  • Self-contained UNITS focusing on specific content and learning objectives
  • Self-paced LEARNING SESSIONS within each unit to deliver the learning material to suit the learning needs of different students
  • Aural and visual enhanced learning via the use of multi-media based INTERACTIVE GAMES
  • Thorough review and practice exercises through re-usable and printable WORKSHEETS
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