The Beginning Readers Course Detailed Description


  • The Beginning Readers Course consists of 12 Units.
  • BRC Units feature 30-50 new high-frequency and sight words, that are further reinforced and practiced within 9 different interactive games and printable worksheets contained in each unit.




Words with: a as in bag, i as in pig, o as in hot
Sight Words: a, am, are, for, I, is, of, on,the,to, was


Words with: e as in pet, u as in cup, th as in this
Sight Words: put, said, there


Words with: a as in ape, i as in kite, sh as in ship, ll as in will, ck as in sock
Sight Words: he, my, me, go, you, give, wash, from, be, we, all


Words with: ch as in chick, o as in bone, u as in mule, e as in Pete, th as in thin, fl as in flip, sk as in skip, sl as in slide, gl as in glide
Sight Words: friend, no, some, with, one, fall, does, her, so


Words with: ie as in pie, oe as in toe, ee as in bee, all as in ball, tch as in witch, gr as in grip, cr as in crab
Sight Words: again, both, by, color, do,inside,or,over, pulled,through, turn, until, went, when, yell


Words with: oa as in goat, ai as in pail, ea as in seal, pl as in plane, fr as in frog, tr as in tree, sp as in spot, th as in teeth, ng as in king, wh as in when
Sight Words: as, children, day, enough, full, have, here, live, our, out, they


Words with: oo as in moon, ow as in cow, ou as in mouse, nk as in ink, le as in apple, ss as in mess, tt as in bottom, ff as in off, lt as in melt
Sight Words: eight, lives, tired, two, were


Words with: ar as in car, cr as in crab, or as in born, sc as in scar, st as in step
Sight Words: his, your,yours


Words with: ow as in snow, er as in hammer, aw as in saw, nd as in end, pr as in prop, dd as in ladder
Sight Words: colors, door, yet, yard


Words with: ay as in day, y as in my, lp as in help, br as in Brad,
Sight Words: where, why


Words with: wa as in water, ur as in turn, alk as in walk, y as in baby, y as in yellow, wh as in where, j as in jump
Sight Words: girls, says, their, today


Words with: oy as in boy, al as in palm, ir as in bird, c as in city, sm as in small, sw as in sweet, mp as in jump
Sight Words: bald

Learning Sessions

  • Each Unit is conveniently subdivided into15-minute Learning Session (LS), with 9 learning sessions to introduce, reinforce and review the contents of the unit. 
  • Each Learning Session is made up of an interactive game plus a worksheet to help students organize and pace their learning, and also allows parents and teacher to keep track and evaluate their progress.



Interactive Game

Printable Worksheets


See and hear new words and phonic structures

The Magic Word Show
The words that will feature in a unit are introdu ced here. A child can click on a word and hear it spoken. Words are classified according to their phonetic groups.

Word Search. Child should read words from the list and find them. If a child has trouble reading a word, go back to The Magic Word Show, and hear it spoken again.


Practice reading and writing of the new words

The Cat And The Words From The Hat
In this exercise young learners can practice the same words they've seen and heard in LS1. The Cat will say a word and a child has to click on the word it heard.

Practice phonetic forms and sight words by filling the missing letters. Write the whole words afterwards.


Continue practicing the new words

Parrot The Words
Practice further the words introduced in LS1. The child should read the word on the bird stand. The three parrots will say one word each. The child should drag and drop on the stand the parrot that said the word on teh stand.

Practice phonetic forms and sight words by filling the missing letters. Write the whole words afterwards


Read and recognize the new words in sentences.

The Word Dropping Cat
Practice and review the new words introduced in the current unit with the words from previous units.
Child first hears the whole sentence, then reads it again and tries to find out which word is missing.

Practice reading and writing. Read the sentence, then write the missing word.


Read and recognize the new words in sentences.

The Word Dropping Cat
Listen to the sentence the Mouse says.  The Cat will drop one word from the written sentence. Click on the missing word.

Practice reading and writing. Complete the sentence with the missing word.


Continue practicing the new words in sentences.

The Word Scrambling Cat
Practice reading and understanding sentences. The words in the sentence are scrambled. The child should arrange words in correct order.

Practice reading and writing. Arrange the words in correct orders and write the entire sentence.


Continue practicing the new words in sentences.

The Words Scrambling Cat
Listen to the sentence the Mouse says.
The Cat will scramble the words. Drag the words above the yellow line and arrange them in the correct order.

Unscramble the sentences.


Practice writing sentences of your own.

Wild, Wild Sentences
From the group of random words the child selects a few and arranges them to create a sentence of his own. Click on the Cat to hear the sentence spoken. Even when the child makes silly sentences, by reading them and hearing them spoken, he/she will be building confidence as a reader.

Same as the interactive game. Practice reading and writing.


Practice the new words and review the old ones from the previous units.

Interactive story
A great confidence builder! Each story contains only the words that appear in the current and previous units, so the child will be able to read stories by herself. If a child has trouble reading the sentence in the story, click on the sentence to hear it spoken, then encourage him to read that sentence again.

Printable booklet with the story. Encourage your child to read it aloud.

The following are some recommendations that will assure successful learning:

  • Continuity is important.You may work on one LS for several days or do two LSs in one day. The only important thing is to work continuously and regularly, be it every day or a couple of times a week.
  • Be flexible. It is recommended that a student works on one LS 15-30 minutes a day. There is a lot of flexibility in how you can use that time. You can do only the interactive program during one session, and then do the worksheets the next day. Or you can do a little bit of both for 2-3 days until the LS is finished.
  • Do not skip worksheets! One LS consists of one interactive program and one printable worksheets. It is very important that interactive programs are followed by worksheets. Doing worksheets after the interactive program is a very valuable reinforcement. It also helps students improve their reading and writing skills.

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