The Beginning Readers Course Overview

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  • Research-based
  • Focused and systematic
  • Provides full auditory support
  • Supports NCLB mandate
  • Fun and interactive. Kids love it!





The Beginning Readers Course (BRC) consists of 12 Units.

All BRC Units start with 30-50 new high-frequency and sight words.
After seeing and hearing new words students are given the opportunity to repeat and apply these words through several practice exercises.

  • Words
    • Students see, hear, and play with words.
  • Sentences
    • Students listen to and read sentences,
    • Combine words into sentences,
    • Find a missing word in a sentence,
    • Make up their own sentences and hear them spoken.
  • Interactive Stories
    • Fun, animated stories.
    • Students can click on sentences and hear them spoken.
    • Interactive Q&A test at the end of a story.
  • Reproducible, printable worksheets
    • Interactive practice exercises are always followed by printable worksheets. It is as much important to practice writing skills as well as reading skills.




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